Eyebrows are represented by cranes.Noses and moustaches are represented by turtles.Featured on the face of Takasaki Daruma are two very auspicious animals in Japan.Takasaki Daruma is also known as good-luck Daruma or lucky Daruma.As of 2011, there are more than 50 Daruma doll manufacturers in Gunma.Total annual shipment of Takasaki Daruma reaches as many as 900,000, accounting for the great majority of Japan's papier-mache Daruma doll production.
Master craftsmen of Daruma dolls
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Takasaki Daruma is a regional brand.
Presently, there are approx.
50 Takasaki Daruma doll manufacturers.Master craftsmen and their passion for making Daruma dolls.
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"Takasaki Daruma" is a registered trademark of a regional brand by Regionally Based Collective Trademark System.
Hometown Traditional Craft Art designatedTakasaki Daruma is a Hometown Traditional Craft Art designated by Gunma Prefecture.

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